Lanebern Saint Bernards

Breeder, Exhibitor & Championship Show Judge of St Bernards

Also Judge of Bullmastiff & Great Dane                                       

We are proud to present other Lanebern or Karmonbel puppies that we have bred who are making their mark in the showring!

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Laneberns First Lady - 'Zoe' (Maisie x Gladstone Litter 2008)

Zoe is owned by Heather Rollo-Jones of Mawreddog St Bernards & Labradors in Carmarthen. She will be handled by both Heather & her daughter Lillie. Zoe & Lille will be embarking on a whole new chapter when they start competing in Junior Handling later this year.


Laneberns It Wasn't Me - 'Suzie' (Danny x Bella litter 2007)

Suzie is co-owned with us at Lanebern & Simon & Yvonne Millward (who also own Queenie)

Suzie, Lucy & Bobby Now have their own webpages !

- check out Suzies HERE, Lucys HERE & Bobbys HERE:

Karmonbel High Flyer By Lanebern - 'Bobby' (Danny x Amber litter 2006)


Laneberns Forbidden Fruit - 'Lucy' (Danny x Bella litter 2007)

Lucy is owned by Heather Rollo-Jones & is a litter sister to Suzie (above) & half sister to Bobby, Queenie & our Own Tia


Karmonbel Queen by Lanebern - 'Queenie' (Danny x Amber litter 2006)

19/05/2007 - Coventry Ladies Open Show - 2nd Puppy Dog/Bitch

25/05/2007 - Bath CH Show - 1st MPB - 'Queenie' qualified for Crufts today!

03/06/2007 - Southern Counties CH Show - 2nd Puppy Bitch

10/06/2007 - SOESBC Open Show - 2nd MPB

24/06/2007 - Blackpool CH Show - 2nd MPB

08/07/2007 - South Wales K.A CH show - 4th Puppy Bitch

14/07/2007 - N.W & P B - 2nd Puppy Bitch

23/07/2007 - Leeds CH Show - 3rd Junior Bitch (No Puppy Class)

29/07/2007 - Milton Keynes Open Show - 3rd Junior Bitch (No Puppy Class)

02/08/2007 - Bakewell Premier Open Show - 2nd Puppy Bitch

04/08/2007 - The English St Bernard Club Open show - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch (11 Entries!!)

11/08/2007 - Bournemouth CH Show - 3rd Junior Bitch (No Puppy Class)

18/08/2007 - Welsh Kennel Club CH Show - 3rd Minor Puppy Bitch

01/09/2007 - City of Birmingham CH Show - 2nd Puppy Bitch

15/09/2007 - Darlington CH Show - 1st Puppy Bitch - RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN BREED. 'Queenie' was also a very close consideration for Reserve Best Bitch by Judge DR Gladys Cowie from Australia!!

29/09/2007 - Stafford & District Canine Society Diamond Jubilee Show - 1st AVNSC Puppy, 1st AV Puppy & BEST AVNSC PUPPY

07/10/2007 - The United St Bernard Club CH Show - 5th Puppy Bitch (6 entries)

27/10/2007 - Midland Counties CH Show - 4th Puppy Bitch


Karmonbel White Lightning By Lanebern - 'Monty' (Danny x Amber litter 2006)

18/05/2007 - SKC CH Show - 1st MPD - RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN BREED Monty qualified for Crufts today!!

17/06/2007 - Border Union CH Show - 1st Puppy Dog RESERVE BEST PUPPY IN BREED

It is with the greatest sadness that we report due to illness, 'Monty' is no longer with us. Our thoughts & condolances to his owners Rob & Sandra Macdonald who lost a great friend in Monty.


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